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Welcome to RRRe-Dog

As a dog behaviorist in Grant Valkaria, FL, I help you rehabilitate your dog by removing unwanted behaviors, fears, phobias, aggression, dominance and all the rest.  Improving obedience by improving the understanding and relationships of dogs and their owners. Its all about understanding through education. Many have tried a traditional dog obedience trainer with limited results.  Many wish there was a way to work with their dog in a more natural and instinctive way. I am not a dog trainer. I study, practice and teach

Applied Animal Behavior.

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Dog Relaxing after Session with Dog Behaviorist, Grant Valkaria, FL
RRRe-Dog was founded on the principal of," let dogs be dogs and I want to get to know them". I have always approached my work from the observational perspective. Learning about dogs true history and heritage through extensive study. Observing them alone and in large groups and everything in between. Engaging in retriever training, upland bird dog training, Tracking and extreme obedience training. Making judgments on what I saw, not on what I read or someone else suggested.

In my over 20 years of professional work, I can see now more than ever the need for education. We have lost touch with who our dogs really are and what they need, to be balanced, happy and fulfilled. As I begin to think about the future and how I can best be effective in helping dogs and the people that own them, I know that I must work even harder to educate my clients to the reality of who their four legged pal really is. This will help them in meeting their dogs real, true inner needs.
When their needs are met. Good behavior is not far behind!
Reminder Alert
The Covid-19 pandemic is still here, but many of us are getting vaccinated and it appears that things are going to get back to normal in the comming months.  i want to remind you to consider your dogs. Remember that they are at our mercy and this has affected them too. The stress we are feeling is fed into them like an upload. Being cooped up is not good for any of us. Exercise and fresh air is good for all of us and this is the time to get creative with the space we have to get exercise.  Get the treadmill out and teach them how to use it. Focus on pool time with your dog.  Continue to be the leader and show your dog that they have one.

Assume the role!

Happy Dog after Rehabilitation, Grant Valkaria, FL

Chaka, a Black Mouth Cur, who suffered from many issues.

One of these was severe dog on dog aggression.

She now helps me to rehabilitate dogs with issues, working and living happily with the other members of our pack.

Here is Chaka at work helping Rio learn to trust other dogs.


Once upon a time, Chaka wanted to attack every dog that she saw. Rio on the other hand was scared to death of other dogs. Both continue to rehabilitate, but these are the kind of results that are possible. The kind of results I expect and achieve!

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(Applied Animal Behavior).


Working with dogs in a way that is natural and instinctive to them gets lasting results and change that is real. Its easier to understand when both parties speak the same language. As Dog Behaviorist's, that is what we do. It's much easier for us to speak theirs than it is for dogs to speak ours. We know how to read dog behaviors, body language and demeanor, in order to understand the signals they are sending us. It is the way they would communicate with their own kind. This is the way to communicate with them. This is the way to remove unwanted behavior. This brings you real obedience and real control. It also brings real understanding and allows for building the quality of the relationship. Tap into what nature has already given them and be amazed at the results. Remove those unwanted fears, phobias, aggression and other unwanted behaviors. We are Dog Behavior Specialists! We can do it! We can do it with you! We can now also teach you right here on this site. Read, watch,  study and apply. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Ask me how we can make that happen.


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