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Air Travel for our dogs can be a scary thing. Not only can it be scary for them but for us as well. Testing them before you put them through the experience can be a big help. It allows us to prepare and condition them to the experience before the flight, if needed. They have a peaceful flight with no trauma and we can travel with peace of mind.
For years we put our dogs in the belly of planes. In many cases we sedated our pals and just hoped for the best on the other end. This made many people just avoid it all together, no matter what. Today, things are different and all in a good way. Public outcry for guaranteed temperature and noise controlled environments have become a reality. Airlines are now being held accountable and the information is now stored in the flight recorders to be sure. Pets are not allowed to be sedated and must be comfortable on their own. Well the airlines are doing their part. What are we doing as owners?

Here at RRRe-Dog we have prepared several dogs for both Domestic and International Travel. I have put together a simulated environment, that allows me to test and condition your dog to the things he or she will encounter while going through the flight experience.
From check-in and handling to flight and landing!
If you need help preparing your dog for the flight experience, please give me a call. If you need help in planning your pets transportation details, my clients have all spoken highly of Air Animal Pet Movers. Click on their logo below and visit their site!
Here is Bella! She and her leaders just made the move to Stuttgart Germany. An Air Force transfer brought her to me, due to problems with the crate and related travel. I assessed Bella and executed a plan of conditioning drills to prepare her. The word on the other end was " she sure is tired but 0 sign of trauma!


If you need help in preparing your dog for air travel, give me a call!


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