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 Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies For You

I have had the opportunity over the years, to do a great deal of traveling. Like wolves and dogs, I like to migrate. Traveling puts you in the position to be exposed to new and different things.
 One of the most amazing new things that I was exposed to while in my 20's, was Oriental Medicine. Over the years the use of acupuncture has played a huge role in my overall wellness. Relieving muscle tension, stress, and anxiety. It has also been responsible for healing injuries and problems that otherwise would have required surgery. When we are not in pain and feeling well, we give off the vibe of strong and energetic, vital. That is the message we want to send to our dogs as their leaders. They need strong leaders, that they are confident in.  Be well and feel well. Your dog will feel your strength, the mental confidence it brings and be confident in your ability to lead them. When you're leading and they're following, good behavior is right around the corner.


Beth Myers LAc. DOM
I had serious some serious health needs and was looking for a new DR. of Oriental Medicine. My last attributed what could not be fixed, to "life style", hardly the case. I searched high and low and tried a couple, before I found Beth Myers, she fixed it! She is well trained and accomplished, receiving her Masters Degree from The Florida College of Integrated Medicine at age 25. If you look at the photo it might appear that Beth started yesterday. Not so! Beth is just blessed, she looks much younger, than her years of experience would reveal.
I can not bring the right energy to the dog and do my work properly, if I am not pain free, and feeling healthy. Beth takes great care of me and I am blessed to have her answering my health needs. She can help you feel like leading as well. Click on the Little pink Turtle in the left column above her name, to visit her at the
Better Health and Wellness Center
1803 N. Wickham Rd
Melbourne, Fl. 32935
When you get there scroll down and read about Beth and give her a call.

"You will be so glad you did"

Too many times we neglect our mental health and dismiss our need to remain in balance, for ourselves and our dogs. Our dogs know every emotion that we're feeling and vibe we are putting off. So much of your dogs behavior is influenced by seeing and feeling or not, consistent confidence and mental strength. If we are not strong, they need to be, from their perspective. I have seen anxiety, depression and mental confusion send dogs into a serious downward spiral, baffling their owners. I have years of experience and can help with this. The first step is you becoming better balanced yourself. You can work on it together, with your dog.
On a couple of occasions I have sought out professional counseling to help me find the answers I needed to stay balanced. At times it was just having the freedom to say what you could not, to anyone else. Sometimes hearing it out loud, made it more real and easier to understand. A professional Therapist guided me to finding the answers I needed. Don't be afraid or too stubborn to try. If not for you, do it for your Pal. They depend on us, just click on the link.
It is only when we quit, that we fail!! 
Alternative Therapies for Your Dog
Yes indeed folks. I have seen amazing things done on animals with acupuncture and herbs. I, in no way think that it is the only health care answer. I believe completely in both Eastern and Western methods and believe both have their place in both my and my dogs health plan.

Blocking pain, helping circulation, promoting healing in specific areas, killing off tumors and more. I have used it to remove stress and anxiety in dogs, so that we could speed up the rehabilitation process and help them find balance. It has given dogs the ability to relax when even doggie Prozac would not slow them down. Below is a  photo of an exam room at a rescue clinic I visited in the past. They did great work there.
As with any profession, there are those who should and those who should not practice what
they do or claim too. Search out and find competent professional help. Do your homework and find a good one.
You and your dog will be so glad you did!
Cow Horn Chews
As we become  more and more stressed in our daily lives, so do our dogs. It became very clear to me years ago that something was missing in our dogs lives, when it came to stress relief. The usual bones, rawhide's, deer antlers, water buffalo horns, as well as many other animal horns and all the man made stuff that I tried, just did not seem to get it . Something was missing in all of them. I finally had the opportunity to discover good old American Cow Horns and the search ended. In my opinion, they are by far the best and truly the perfect dog chew but the problem was finding them.

For years, I begged, borrowed and inquired, trying to find a good source for them. So many times I have watched them work their magic on a dog that is bored or filled with anxiety. They are safe, natural, healthy and their odd shape makes them fun and intriguing. Your dog will practice holding the horn in different positions as they gnaw and clean their teeth. The horns just come apart in small flecks, they are fibrous and don't shatter or break in anything other than little tiny pieces. Your dog gets minerals that it needs and it soothes their minds and allows them to relax when they are done. They also are tough and last a long time.
You ever get an estimate for dental cleaning from your vet? Put your dog on these and never have to go through that. My dogs that have used them always get rave reviews at the vets.
I am so happy to announce that we now have a source that is direct to you.
Gerry Messmer has been supplying RRRe-Dog with cow horns for a couple of years now. His generosity in making them available to my anxious patients has been amazing. His company Powder Horns and More (www.powderhornsandmore.com) is now going to make them available to you
at a terrific price. Click on the horn photo below to get you right to them. 

Cow Horn Dog Chews


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