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Fun Play/Exercise Areas

In an effort to help fulfill that most important ingredient (EXERCISE), in your dogs life. I have decided to highlight cool Play/Exercise areas that I come across. I am hoping that seeing what others have done to enhance that part of their dogs life, will inspire you. Possibly helping you get started on fixing up the back yard or that spare room, so your dog can enjoy it more. If you are interested in putting together a fun, effective and enjoyable Play/Exercise area for your pal, but need some help. Please contact me and lets talk about it. It does not have to be expensive to be fun, but on the other hand the sky is the limit on how far we can take it!!!!   
Dogs Love Treadmills
Here is a great and many times overlooked means of exercising your dog. Treadmills are a classic way to get your dog consistent exercise, no matter how the weather or mobility of the owner. Dogs can seem shy of them at first, but once they are comfortable, they will beg you to turn it on for them. I have one client who's dog sleeps on the tread waiting for it to come on. Here you see Gretta Motto of Melbourne, getting used to her new tread. Her leaders Tony and Sharon found her this one, to incorporate it's use into her exercise plan.
Pool Enclosures
I can't tell you how many homes I have been in here in Florida, where fences were not permitted in the neighborhood. Either people live on a golf coarse or H. O. A.  restrictions for esthetics. Whats the poor dog supposed to do? Many dog owners have no problems but others have dogs that they worry will go through the screen or already have. Dogs Need Fresh Air and the Mental Peace of Nature. Owners need peace of mind. I recently worked with a client in Suntree and together we came up with and installed this Aluminum fence.

We a wanted seamless look. She had an esthetic vision for the detail she wanted in the fence. We decided together to eliminate the posts and deck flanges. We fitted and attached the fence panels to the pool screen framework and installed the gates. The finished look as you can see is very polished and did not intrude on the walk space. It also completely secured the deck from dogs ( all sizes) going out or children getting in. It met all restriction issues and you may receive a credit on homeowners insurance as a pool safety item. Owners Real Estate agent thought it would be a great resale appeal item as well. 
Shade Cabana
Lure Coursing
Lure Coursing is a fun and challenging way to get your dog high speed exercise!
Everybody's Doing It!!
Trei Ball
Herding is not just for the big dogs. Mac is a Rat Terrier/Jack Russel Mix, and one of my best Herders.
Meghan Wolfgram and Pretzel on the Run!!
Sebastian River Superb!!
How about these posh doggie digs? I had the pleasure of working with the owner on this one. All of the animals set a whimsical but natural and stimulating effect for both dog and human. When sitting quietly they also bring a real sense of peace and calm. If you want to enjoy time with your pal, why not make it fun!!!!!
Lizard Chase
If your dog loves to chase lizards, this is the thing!
WE took a small enclosed garden area and turned it into a lizard chase heaven. We covered the ground with chopped up bamboo that came from trimming. You could use any branches or sticks. We then covered that with a thick coating of hay from the local feed store. The bamboo branches act as spacers for the hay. They create a blanket over a void or air space, that is warmed by the days sun. It also protects from cooling by the blanket of hay at night. this combination produces a bumper crop of lizards for the chasing! Great mental and physical exercise. The items in the space such as broken pots, wagon wheel, elevated beds in barrels and bird decoys act to give more challenge to the chase. Put them in, close the gate and let the chase begin!!!
By the way! They almost never catch one!!


Never forget the importance of Relaxation

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