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Interesting Behavior

 Pooch loved to engage in this behavior. She is disguising her sent by rolling in something stinky. This behavior is still being practiced today by many of our dogs. It comes from the days when their ancestors were hunting every day for food. Think about it, if you were a deer in the woods, what would scare you off. The smell of Squirrel Pee on the wind, or a Wolf!!

Communicating Through Shapes
I recently became involved with a young two year old dog that was exhibiting signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have been seeing a lot of this, more than in the past it seems. At the moment I have four dogs on my schedule that are suffering with this problem. I have worked with several in the past with good success and have had a couple that I just could not get through too. We were able to curb the behavior but not stop it.
I recently saw a documentary on the subject that was very interesting. Genetics experts have isolated the gene that controls this and have connected it to the gene that also controls muzzle or snout shape and size. Bull Terriers have been looked at closely as they show a much higher rate of reported cases than other breeds. They also have that exaggerated snout! This little dog is a boxer/Mix. Her snout on the boxer side  is also exaggerated but different, in that it turn up not down. She does not show the turned up feature that we see in Boxers in the photo above.

In one of her compulsive episodes, which manifests itself in destructive behavior outdoors. Hoses, Landscape, whatever she fixates on. She did something that at first escaped my attention. I was observing from a distance and could not clearly see what she was doing. What I could see was her picking up sticks and Palmetto frawn's and taking them to nearly the same location. I redirected her out of this behavior and we moved to another area of the facility. When I returned to pick up the debris, as my lawn guy was coming, I was surprised at what I saw. All of the sticks had been placed end to end, with almost equal space between them. It looked like a series of dash's_ _ _ _ _ . In a totally different arrangement she had placed all of the Palmetto Frawn's in the shape of a triangle. I remembered seeing a documentary on a Doberman who made shapes with dolls and I have read about other cases, that were not so well documented, but out there. I laughed to myself and blew it off as random. The following morning while working with her to finish my evaluation, she went into the behavior again and I was stunned at what she did. Again I was observing from a distance, as I did not want to influence or disturb her. I took these ten photo's when she was done. Some are of the same shape as I wanted to be sure to get the shots. In the ones where she used sticks and frawns again, spread your view as you go out and you will see the individual shapes also form a triangle. In the other shape, created again out of all the same materials you will see two triangles together forming a diamond. Look close at how the grass seems to be trampled or flattened around the shapes and the trail that leads to the next. This girl knew exactly what she was doing, she clearly obsessed over each one.  Is she communicating in some way, or just lost in the Obsessive moment. Maybe she will tell us!!!!


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