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Your Energy
The personal energy and vibe that you project to your dog, is the most important tool in your arsenal. Always try to send a message of calm confidence and natural leadership. That gives them the confidence and reason to follow you. Once they decide to do that, you are well on your way to the behavior and relationship that you want with your dog. I always like to take a moment for a deep breath, close my eyes and think calmly about what I want to see happen. Once calm, I simply move forward and create the same calm moment with the dog. When the dog is calm along with me, joining my energy, we move forward with our work.
The Plan
OK, you have taken your dog through the decompression process. You have observed them throughout and have truly come to know them, as an individual. You have either seen serious improvement, in their behavior already, or you have uncovered and discovered much in the process, of taking control, or trying to take control and becoming the leader. You have taken control of your personal space, mastered the walk, or you still have some work to do. If you still have work to do, you will know it by the symptoms that your dog is displaying.

You know what the symptoms are, but like in medicine, you don't treat the symptoms. The symptoms, lead you to the core problem, or problems, that are causing them. You treat that or those problems.
Example - Your dog pees in the house. That is a symptom, not a problem. The reason why your dog pees in the house is the problem. It can be, that your rescue peed in his kennel, or on pee pads, wherever he was and has never been truly house broken. It could be medical and your vet should be consulted, to determine that. It could be dominant marking, or claiming the house or area as his ,and marks it with his scent. The plan should be designed to proactively go after the problems. Design it, execute it!
The plan is everything. Stick to your plan, or alter it by design, not complacency.
Quick Tips
1. If your dog gets distracted by passing joggers, bikes, cars and the like - Dogs are single minded animals and can not focus deeply on more than one thing at a time. Try increasing the pace of your walk, or jog, to force the dog to pay closer attention to their feet on the ground and not the thing across the street, or going by on the sidewalk.

2. Always feed yourself or have coffee, before feeding your dog in the morning. Pack leader always eats first. Send the visual message. Make sure they know its you.

3. Give your dog 15 minutes to eat and then pick it up, if they have not eaten it. Leader of the pack controls the food and says when everyone eats. Send the message of who is in control. Be the leader, control the food. They will quickly get the message.

4. Never start using pee pads in the house. If it is too inconvenient to take the dog out, you should not have one. If your mobility is an issue, seek help with this, if at all possible. It is many times, very difficult to break dogs of this habit, once acquired. I can't tell you the number of dogs that have come to me over the years, who peed on every throw rug they walked over and could not visit other homes, because of it.

5. It is not a dogs responsibility, to know how to interact with your kids. It is your job to teach your kids, how to properly interact with a dog. That means, you need to know. Educate yourself and then teach the kids.
Case #1- Dog Bite On A Child
One morning I, received a call from the  office of a local well known attorney Leslie. She was seeking guidance and expert testimony, concerning the bite of a young child by a very large Airedale Terrier (actual dog not pictured). I was given all the pertinent documents, statement's and photo's and asked to render my opinion on the dogs behavior. After studying all of the information it was very clear that this dog was innocent. He had been in the Brevard County Lock Up Facility for five months and should not be deemed dangerous, but released. I would not have been able to tell you before reading the statute. The specific wording of the statute as applied to the dogs behavior was argued very well by the attorney and The Airedale prevailed. Knowing the law is everything!!!

The incident occurred when a group of 10 to 12 year old kids were playing tag in a local neighborhood. Screeching and screaming as they ran past the window of the dog's home, they put both the dog and his owners on high alert. The dog queuing on the heightened since of alert went into protection mode. Following the sound of the children and the energy moving to the rear of the house, the dog found a screen ajar. At that moment the boy chasing the others ran past and tagged a young girl and she fell to the ground. Being in his yard and no humans to stop it, the dog ran up and bite the boy on the thigh and then retreated to an area some distance from the child. The dogs owners followed out the door and began to try to render aid to the boy.

Our teams contention was that the dog was disciplining the boy for what he perceived as an aggressive behavior directed at the little girl. Once disciplined and responding to it, by no longer pursuing the little girl, the dog retreated. In the end the judge agreed that this was not a vicious act and the children were trespassing. That being argued so well by the attorney, we as a team won the day and the Pup was released immediately with no blemish on his record.

Go out to Florida Statutes Online and put 767.11 in the search box. Once there, go beside it and click on "view the whole chapter"

With early success comes the human instinct to relax a little, DONT! That is the time to dig in and ask for more. To demand and get more. To expect more and don't be surprised when they give it. Get the whole enchilada and don't give in until you get it. Complacency has no place in your behavior work with your dog. This work is a mountain with no top that always must keep improving.  

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