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Sam & Zeke

 Meet Sam and Zeke
These two happy pup's had just finished a long day of play at RRRe-Dog HQ. It was almost toothpaste and deep puppy dream time for them.
The pair are very special to Jim and Cathy Taylor of Mimms. The couple sent the boy's to camp at RRRe-Dog to give them a chance to socialize with our pack and enjoy some leisure down time. They took full advantage of all we have to offer and were right at home in no time. As with most kids the parents heard that the boys were better behaved here than at home. Ha! HA! Isn't that always the case. Sam and Zeke were respectful and social from the moment they met the first member of our group. They were here for 10 days and could not have been better received by human and dog alike. They were literally the perfect house guests. It is so easy to see why they are loved so much and Jim and Cathy have provided them some excellent stomping grounds.  Well loved dogs and happy people, always a great combination.
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This former Pup Of The Month is an unusual breed. Nope not a breed a whole New Species. Meet Lucy a Ring Tailed Lemur !!!!! Lucy's ancestor's hail from the Island of Madagascar, however she was born in South Florida, and now resides here in Central Florida.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to get to know Lucy and learn about her Lemur ways. The owners goal here is not to tame, but to develop an organic coexistence. Enough control to manage health and personal requirements but allowing Lucy to grow and develop as a Lemur. A special addition was added to the owners home to accommodate her. I find studying Behavior in any animal interesting, but this is a rare opportunity. She is Gorgeous as you can see and her physical abilities are mind boggling. She is currently 5 months old and growing in power every day. 

 I simply have not been able to get comfortable in handling her. My lack of knowledge about her species held me back. This is a perfect example of what I preach every day. ( Canine Lupus Familiarous ) the common dog. Dogs like all species have their own way of being ( mechanism for living ) learn it and tap into it, if you want to communicate. I have yet to learn enough to tap into Lucy's. I keep trying!! 

Dog Behaviorist Brevard County Florida, Dog Behavior Specialist Brevard County Florida, Dog Whisperer, Dog Trainer, Obedience Trainer, K-9 Behavior Specialist. What ever you call it, or what ever search words got you here. You are looking for help in improving your dogs behavior and your relationship with them.

Well, you have come to the right place!

I am a Dog Behavior Specialist and I am commited to helping you do just that!



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