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Ever wonder why your dog has a problem with the pool, but not a pond or lake? Maybe your dog does not like either? The answer is in the visual. Get down on all fours like your dog and look across a shinny tile or hardwood floor. Now go out to your pool and do the same thing. Touch your floor and touch the pool surface. Now stand at the edge of a lake or pond and look down in the water. Do the same to a pool. Now put it all together and there is your answer! 
Dog Television Yes/No = YES!
Recently I have had a  lot of questions about Dog Television!!
Have you used it? Have you seen it? Does it work? Do your dogs watch it? What comments have you gotten from others, are they positive? Do you think it has Behavioral Benefits? I have to say after much trial and observation, the answer is clear for all of these questions. YES!! I have to tell you that I am not big on gadgets or snake oil type products. Products that are there to get in your wallet, not help your dog. I am convinced that Dog Television is the real deal and here to stay. I have clearly observed my dogs and those of clients who were visiting at RRRe-Dog HQ, watch and respond to what they are seeing. With more consistency, I have witnessed them respond to the sound tracks. I have seen it stimulate play, curiosity, and put them to sleep. I recorded a free trial and started with that. After more than two months I was convinced and purchased it from my cable provider. Here is another great thing, it is only $3.50 per month. I can't get a Cappuccino or lunch for that. It's a steal for the benefit, even if they only listen. I now use it on a daily basis with my dogs and patients alike. Click on the logo below and learn about Dog TV. It can add a lot to an other wise boring day at home for your dog, who is just waiting for you to return.

The Importance of Mental and Physical Exercise

Think for just a moment at all of the things that you could do on a daily basis. For instance, read a book, watch a movie, ride a bike, jump in a pool for a swim, visit a friend, go to the store, go back and forth to work and interact with everyone and everything there. How many more can we think of? Spend some time at the beach, go to school and learn, plus see our friends. Maybe we even have a hobby that we love to engage in. Oh yes, we could add playing with our phones, tablets and laptops too, vacation somewhere, shoot a game of pool, play a video game. How many could you sit and think of, THOUSANDS?


Now I want you to ask the same question about your dog. Well let's see, wake up in the morning ready to go and he can eat, then he can go out and do his business, run around for two or three minutes in the yard, then he can go back in the kennel till his master gets home from work or he can be left in a quiet house all day by himself. He can watch TV with his master for two hours in the evening or watch them on the computer. He is talked to in a language that he does not understand and no one understands what he is saying. Maybe he can get a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood three times a week, if he is lucky a fast game of fetch with a tennis ball, Saturday he might get to take a car ride somewhere.

We as humans have done a great job of creating dogs that look the way we want them too or perform a particular task we want them to do, or to be in tuned to to our particular needs. What kind of job have we done in understanding them, and seeing that their needs are met on a daily basis? As a behavior Specialist I would have to say PRETTY POOR!  I am told that at least 85% of all dogs surrendered to shelters or rescues are there for the reason of behavioral problems. I am also told that nearly 90% of the dogs surrendered have had no basic obedience training. The first word of that is BASIC. We as dog owners and lovers must learn about our dogs as the Canine Species and go back to basics with them ourselves. Mans best friend is a highly intelligent, social and loving creature. They were not intended to be locked away or treated like zoo animals.


The wonderful pets that we claim to love so dear are starving for mental and physical exercise. Those two components are critical in keeping them happy well balanced and behaviorally sound. Put yourself in the place of the dog I described above. How long would it take you to blow out a screen or run out the front door when opened, just for the sheering exhiliration of running or interacting with the outside world? Oh, but you say they are just a dog, they get to run around the house. It's funny how we talk to them as humans, interact with them as if they are humans and then say"well its just a dog" when its convenient. 


Your dog has needs inherent to its species. Take the time to learn about your pal and give him or her what they really need. If everyone would do that it would put Rescues, Shelters and Behavior Specialists out of business. I am sure that would bring a warm smile to all of us who do the work. Oh and lets not forget that happy tail wag of your favorite pal!


                                                                                                     By Allen Dye

What If We Go First?
 If you are a long time pet owner, chances are you have gone through the very sad and unhappy experience of loosing one of your furry family members, to old age or medical issues. You may have also experienced the sudden loss of a pet through accident or unforeseen event. However we loose them, we do! It is a fact of life that their life spans are shorter than ours. As someone who lost three of his beloved pets in four months last year, I can tell you it is devastating. We as humans many times take our own lives for granted. We don't want to see or think about the world without us in it. I think that is just human nature. As we get older, if we are lucky enough to get there, we begin to think seriously about providing for others after our passing, life insurance policies, wills. How many of us make provisions for our pets? What if you did not make it home from work today, due to fatal accident or illness? Can you imagine how devastated your Pal would be. They depend upon us for everything. Losing a leader is a catastrophic event in their life, if another does not step right in and take over. Would someone step in and provide your beloved Pal a welcome and happy home? Would they know and understand the particulars of your dog? The answer is, if your pets are lucky, or you have taken steps to make sure that they do.
We were recently asked by one of my clients to adopt their Chi/Yorkie Mix named Bo! We did and are so happy to have him as part of our family. This did not come about with one phone call or conversation. This actually came about over a three month or so period. When I look back on it, this was handled with such grace by his owners Irene and David. It was David's accident and her inability to walk and exercise Bo properly, that prompted them to begin to think about Bo's future. Bo is only 16 months old and has a long life ahead of him. They Both knew this and began to face the reality of thinking about his best interest.
We had babysat Bo before and he had always had a great time here with our other two dogs Chaka and Mac. When David was injured we agreed to sit Bo as Irene was spending a lot of time at the hospital. As David's health was failing we began to have conversations about someday making Bo a permanent family member. I can only imagine how difficult this was under the weight of seeing her husbands health declining. Loosing both of them could only be described as crushing. Despite the hardship Irene had those conversations with me and knew after the test visits, if you will that Bo would do well here.
Irene your courage has prompted me to look at this for my own dogs, Bo Bo included and to make provisions for them now. We are never promised tomorrow! Act now for your Pal!
By Allen Dye






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