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The Faces of Rescue
Jacque Petrone

Jacque is the founder of Halo Rescue in Sebastian. You will find her there daily, coordinating and guiding the angels that work so hard to save lives. Click on the the Halo button in the left column to learn more about Jacque and this wonderful
"NO KILL" rescue.

Tammy Hamilton
I had the pleasure of meeting Tammy Hamilton when she was having trouble with a rescue, she had pulled off death row, from the County Shelter System. He was a big unruly guy, that came with a lot of difficult issues, that were going to make it extremely hard to find him a home. Tammy was new to rescuing dogs and needed some help with the challenges she was facing with this one. To make a long story short, we did all that we both could, but failed in being able to find this guy a home.
Something good had to come from this. A valiant effort made by a very kind woman, who wanted to begin to make a difference in the  world. a difference by rescuing dogs and finding them homes. We both walked away with that sad empty feeling, that you get when you just can't make it happen. Tammy regrouped and took in the lessons learned. She could have stopped then, not wanting to relive the experience again. Tammy did just the opposite, she jumped right back in and is now finding the joy to be had in rescue as well. Anyone who has done it knows, that it can be a double edged sword. We have to make the effort though, if know one takes the risk, none get saved.
Tammy now volunteers her efforts with the Spartacus Legacy Rescue and Aloha Adoptions. Ladies if you are wanting to get into Rescue, here is another fine Role Model.
Be like Tammy!!!!!!!

Flavia Downs
A true lover of the Bully Breeds, Flavia has been volunteering in dog rescue for 14 years. Did you ever stop to think that the pup you just adopted did not just wonder up to the rescues door. Transporters are a key component in helping dogs find and get to there forever homes. Flavia did not start keeping records until late 2009, since then she has transported over 250 dogs and some cats as well, god only knows how many before that. She has a passion for animals and finds tremendous pleasure in watching them freed and on there way to happy endings.
Flavis's story started with a simple conversation in a frame shop that lead her to her first adoption and introduction to rescue. While searching for a playmate and new family member, for the their first adopted, she came across a Red Nosed Pitt named Brad! HA!! Brad needed to get from Gainsville to South Carolina and a family that had pledged to take him. Flavia offered to provide the transportation if the others would navigate for her while driving. They teamed up and Brad got his forever home. From that experience came a person dedicated to being the bridge to happy homes for hundreds and hundreds of dogs.
Flavia does not just get them there, each one is an individual and special. They all get new collars and leashes and a comfy spot to enjoy the trip from shelter to freedom and home-sweet-home. She has a metal hanging from the mirror in her car. Its the Transporters Motto!!!

I am the Bridge, between what was and what can be.
I am the pathway to a new life.
Transporters save lives.

Flavia has volunteered her time and resources to helping animals find new homes and happy lives. She has transported for nearly a dozen different Rescues and transportation groups, and has affected the lives of so many. From your wonderfull four and all the rest. Thanks and we love you too!!
It is with your hands God works!!!   

Gregg Eddie

When you do the kind of work that I do, dogs that have been saved from Shelters and Rescues are in the mix of cases that come to you. For years I worked with rescued dogs and learned to love the people that make the effort to help them and give them forever homes. I always worked with the individual owners, but never worked with or learned about the inner workings of rescue and the wonderful people who work so hard behind the scenes, to make it happen.

That all changed for me, when I had the pleasure of meeting Gregg Eddie!!

For seventeen years Gregg has been rescuing dogs here in central Florida. She is currently The East Coast Coordinator and Shelter Liaison for The Golden Retriever Rescue, as well as serving on the advisory board for All Pet Rescue in Fort Pierce.  Over the years she has held various positions with The Golden Rescue and others, but if you know her, she is all in, all the time.

Managing and overseeing vet care, doing home visits, transporting dogs from one place to another, doing fund raising events, staying in contact with fosters, or pulling dogs from shelters, Gregg's life is always busy and dogs are always a part of it. She has been responsible for saving an estimated 2000 canine lives, as well as fostering 75 dogs in here own home. I personally have taken two dogs from Gregg and have seen her devotion to them, even after adoption. Mac, my Rat/Jack was brought into my life by Gregg and plays a big role in the rehabilitation of many dogs that come to RRRe-Dog. Mac has also wormed his way deep into my heart and brought real joy to my life.

The next time you see a dog that has been rescued, take a moment and picture an army of people who work behind the scenes, to save, love and care for them.

Gregg you have taught me so much by deed and association, over the last couple of years. I can't thank you enough for that. I can just picture the Pearly Gates of Heaven on the day you arrive. The road to the gates will be lined with our four legged friends, Millions of them, because they all know and wag their tails at the mention of your name.

Thanks Gregg!



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