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Having trouble handling your out of control Pooch? Bad Behavior, Fears, Phobias, Obsessions, Dominance or Aggression causing problems? I am a Dog Behavior Specialist and I offer customized programs and options to fit your particular needs. We specialize in removing unwanted behaviors, conquering fears, or training you. We at RRRe-Dog are ready to help! In your home, at RRRe-Dog HQ, or through lessons on this site. We are here for you and your pal.

As word of our successes have traveled, I now receive phone calls and e-mails from all over Florida, the USA, and other countries as well.  I have learned over many years that today's technology can shorten the distance between us. Some of the behavioral problems that we face with our dogs can be solved with education and coaching. Knowing and understanding what you're facing and why gives you access to the correct plan to fix it. Education is the key in all cases. I can provide it! Using phone consultations and technology, I can help you solve the problems without requiring the face to face time. This gives you access to the expertise, information and needed guidance without the travel. Call me today and lets discuss it!


What We Do

I am not a dog trainer. I study, practice and teach the principals of
Applied Animal Behavior

  Phone and Live Video Consultations

In Home Behavior Evaluations

Behavior Modification


Education For The Family

Preparing For The New Baby

Picking And Raising The Perfect Dog


For Local Clients

* I work One on One

* I train you, and evaluate and work with your dog

* In home visits

* Private 5 acre facility if needed

* Affordable

* Professional

*Over 20 years in Brevard County



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