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Success Stories

I have wanted to share the story of Loreen and Sawyer's success for some time, but the words had just not come to me. I received a text from her yesterday and it's contents told a story with great end results, in her own words.
" I witnessed the perfect scenario of Sawyer maintaining his cool and focus on me in the worst possible moment. He was on a leash while I mowed the busy side of my house. Suddenly the Pit Bull and Mini Schnauzer ( who never leave their yard ) came charging across the road. Sawyer took one lunge at the end of his leash, looked at me, came over and set down next to me and watched while their owner had to try to corral the dogs. No barking, no posturing, no jerking on the leash etc.He was a great example of well trained dog. The best part is, I didn't even holler at him. All I said was "leave It" and praised him for sitting quietly at my side, while the rest of it happened". Those are the comments that make my day!

I was contacted by Loreen after the hit of Covid19. Luckily I had posted the video lessons and other educational info to the site, so I directed her to them. Loreen went right to work studying and when done set up a meeting. Loreen had serious concerns about Sawyers protectiveness towards her. She had already come Light-years with him, but couldn't seem to get a grip on this issue. Loreen rescued Sawyer in August of 2016 from a place out west. Sawyer then 4 months old had been living in a terrible hoarding situation and was totally feral, in his behavior. Only committed patient and caring work will bring dogs who suffer this neglect back into good mental and physical health. Loreen gave her all and when I met Sawyer he was the picture of both. Over the coarse of several very enjoyable visits at RRRe-Dog HQ, I watched his responsiveness to her and his level of obedience that is difficult to hide. I evaluated his protective nature and put it together with my conversations with Loreen. What I saw was a dog that had the best of owners and was really 90% there. As so often happens, their was just a simple lack of knowledge that was holding Loreen back from having it all with Sawyer. According to her, the difference in now having that knowledge is huge. In the past, Sawyer would have not settled beside her as he did. His reaction would have been very different and in a negative way. Education is a powerful tool and a simple foundation of knowledge delivered in a way that we can understand, can make all the difference. I am so happy for both of you that you found that here.

Loreen and Sawyer embark on a new journey in the near future. Thank Goodness for today's technology. I will be missing you and waiting constantly for travel news and new home updates. I congratulate you both on your hard work and wish you endless happiness together!
The Z-Kids
Zoey (top) Zeke (flat out), are two very lucky dogs. They have something in common that makes them that way, her name is Ally. She, along with her soon to be husband Scotty, have not really brought these two cute face pups any luck. What they have brought, is a desire to learn and put into practice all of the things that have made these two dogs happier and more fulfilled.

Ally contacted me a couple of months ago with some real concerns about Zeke's behavior. Zeke was in a home where he was loved, but his needs were not being met. This had resulted in him developing a serious anxiety issue.  This was playing out very obnoxiously every day at home and was escalating rapidly. Zoey had her own set of dominant issues and had been in Ally's home for a few years.

The arrival of the Covid19 pandemic made virtual learning a necessity in this case. I steered Ally to my website and all of the lessons and info that I had placed there. She and Scotty studied it and when they finished,  we got together for a visual evaluation of the dogs situation. What I saw that day, was a relentless young lady and two dogs that she was determined to help live better lives. She has since spearheaded the effort and executed the plan to do just that, with great success. In just roughly 8 weeks Zeke, by her own words as well as other family members " is a different dog"  Zoey's path has been altered as well. The result is what we are all looking for with our dogs. Pals and respectful best friends to us and each other.
Congratulations Ally, everyone said you couldn't and wouldn't be successful.
You Proved Them All Wrong!
Dennis makes me laugh just from saying his name. It's such a human name. You would think that not wanting to humanize dogs, that I would not like him to have such a human name. It fits him perfectly and I love it.
" In the 70's, it was the Doberman, in the 80's, it was the German Shepherd, in the 90's, it was the Rottweiler and here in 2000's, it's the Pitt Bull Terrier.  These are the dogs that the public vilifies. "When will it ever be the Human?". That quote came from Cesar Milan and it is very true! Dennis could be a poster child for that quote. He is warm and loving, gentle and sweet, nothing like what is portrayed in the media about Pitt Bulls. Although Dennis came to me with a set of complaints from his owners that were not good, he has never shown me an angry side.
The complaints were, he jumps and tries to lick you in the face, especially my two daughters when they come in from school. He charges the door at a knock or ring and must be crated before door can be opened. When placed in a bedroom, he ate the door frame to get out (separation anxiety). He begs at the table and is a constant licker of anyone around him. Transporting him in the car was an issue because he paced and drooled and whined the whole way. 
I just spent 13 days with Dennis, as his family went to Japan and wanted Dennis to come to camp at RRRe-Dog, while they were away. It had been 2 months since our first meeting and 6 weeks since our second. I am so happy to say that I spent those days with a very different Dennis, than the dog I met on day one. When Dennis arrived, the difference was glaring and it was all good. It was very clear that some time consuming hard work had taken place in the obedience and command response area. It was also clear that the plan I had helped them to map out had been followed. Dennis had truly been transformed. His energy level had been greatly reduced. His dominant behaviors, like constant licking, herding and following to control had also been reduced to almost nonexistent. Barking and all of the anxious stuff was gone as well. Dennis seemed to be at a point where all he needed was some confidence and he found that at camp. Dennis had not socialized with dogs for almost twenty months. He lived inside and out with mine for thirteen days and never showed one sign of displeasure at anyone, nor from mine to him. They welcomed him.
When Dennis was picked up and was safe at home, I got a message saying that they were amazed at how calm he was in the car. Remaining seated and relaxed for the duration of the trip-a first for him. 
To John and Michelle of Sebastian and the teenage forces of the home, Kyla and Fallon, I commend you all. The four of you have obviously embraced the new way of interacting with Dennis and have executed the plan we put together. I applaud all of you for your hard work. John, you deserve a special shout because Dennis came so far so fast in responsiveness. The sound control that I had with Dennis was exceptional. Awesome Awesome work!!
Dennis, you are a wonderful dog whom I have really come to know and love. You are welcome here by both human and dog. Hold your head up when people say Pitt Bull. You are a shining example for your breed. You have been blessed.
Long life with your wonderful caring leaders my friend!
It would be easy to think that after 20 plus years of working with people and their dogs, that by now I had probably seen it all. Certainly not the case and that always keeps my job interesting. You just never know what is around the next corner. The family around this corner set a new standard for others to follow. All three of their efforts and successes are models for desire, dedication, hard work and personal sacrifice. They have all shown deep love, compassion and resilience and receive a 5 star effort in all categories. 

Halle and Emma of Suntree adopted Aladdin, who had come out of the Texas Hurricane Disaster of 2018. Halle had put Aladdin through six months of obedience training and was not getting the results she was looking for. She was a first time dog owner and was dedicated to making this work, as Aladdin was Emma's first dog. They were learning together. After speaking with Halle on the phone, I was convinced that she was all in. We met, put together a plan and began to execute it.
Many of Aladdin's traits seemed almost feral. Leaping up on counters, appliances and what ever else he decided on. He was terrible on a leash and could not pass other dogs. His energy level was peaked all the time. Reactive to everything and always on you or in your face. He could not be trusted on the pool deck. He was afraid of water and would go through a screen after almost anything. This was hardly Country Club Behavior and it had to be fixed. With education and some guidance, along with taking time to really see who Aladdin was and honoring that in our work. After roughly 12 weeks, Halle had this to say, when asked if we had found success.

"We can claim success because for me success means, rewarding this 3 year old Big Hunk of Love with a 20 minute 5AM couch snuggle this morning for being 100% on point for a week of family. That he waited to be invited up. That he didn't beg. He laid down across the room and gave me my space and waited. He rarely has to be anchor leashed because he listens the first time. That his Red Drag Leash is enough to click his brain into beloved family dog. He now jumps in the pool with no other encouragement than "herd the ball Aladdin". That he gets on the treadmill twice a day by just saying "treadmill Aladdin" The leash walking and stimuli will continue to be a work in progress because the landscape changes daily and I am up to climbing that mountain with no top with him because each day it gets a smidge easier, but I get him now. This is a dog that needs his exercise and rules first, then the love aspect is the best. 

Emma, I know your little 6 year old mind can't possibly process how proud I am of you. You brought a teammate way older than her years. Your dedication and hard work is inspiring and we truly could not have done this without you. Your love and compassion for Aladdin was the source of all energy for this.

Halle, you came with a sense of urgency and it never slacked. I walk away from this feeling like I learned as much as I taught. I can't imagine ever having a better teammate. You earned every ounce of Aladdin's Success.
Congratulations and may all of your lives be blessed.

 This story really warms my heart. It's kind of a fairy tale that came true and the photo says a lot, in more ways than one.
Owner Courtney contacted me back in early 2014, about her then 2 year old male German Shepherd. The pair had been through a tough divorce and all of the emotional upset had worn on both of them. Courtney was seeking to get her pal some relief and directed on the path of better behavior. Her new boyfriend was on board and clearly wanted to help to right the ship. All of the anxiety had produced numerous unwanted behaviors. After our session the three worked together to execute the plan we had set up for them. Time moved forward and the plan payed off. That as well as adding love not upset to the equation can work miracles. It Did! Nature took its coarse and Courtney and Domenik got married and they have been blessed with a baby girl, named Gemma.

As mom got further along in her pregnancy they began to notice protective and anxious issues resurfacing in the now 6 year old male. They contacted me again and I advised them on how to handle these changes and prepare pup for the arrival of the new baby. How to be sure that baby and babies things would be respected. I received this photo and note from them today.
"Hey Allen! it's Courtney Nobili. Our little girl has been home for a week and everything you told us worked. Thank You So Much!
These results are the direct reflection of the care and work put forth by Courtney and Domenik.
I congratulate you on your work with pup, I also wish you the best in Love and Family

The Family Pack 
Viera residents and well known local doctor's Gloria and Daniel are living a story with their dogs that I am so proud of and pleased to share.
I received an email from this family back in July 2014. They were having problems at home with Maxie, a female lab/shepherd mix and Cassie, a female Westie. Anyone who has visited their doctor office has met Maxie. She has been warmly greeting patients at the office for some time and Doc loves her there.
After meeting, consulting with, and educating the family, it was clear that a jealous and dominant struggle was going on to be dads number one focus. Daniel loved having Maxie in the office. I suggested that the every day reinforcement of Maxie going with him to the office while the others remained at home, was contributing with other factors, to create the behaviors they were seeing. We formulated a plan and they began to put the strategy in place. They struggled as Daniel did not want to stop taking Maxie to work. Not only does he love her unconditionally, but she had a great effect on everyone at the office and had become a fixture.
They continued to work and struggle and I returned to refresh and check progress as they worked towards their goals. Each time we met they took the information and used it to mold and change the behavior and understanding of leadership in their pack. Things continued to improve as they steadily worked towards their goal.
As time moved forward, they lost their beloved male Westie, Wesly. The dynamic in the pack shifted again and the family made the necessary adjustments to keep everything stable. They also added a new member, Sasha, a female Morkie that belonged to Gloria's mom. Sasha was spoiled and immediately began the dominant quest to take over. She was marking in the house and on the pool deck. This of course changed the dynamic in the pack once again.  The family took control of Sasha and worked to stop the problem.  The family decided that with the ages of their current dogs, it might be time for a young dog.
Having the situation between Cassie and Maxie under control, they brought Toby a 9 week old Yorkshire Terrier into the family and he is as cute as cute gets. Immediately the dominance in Sasha showed itself and she was going after Toby. Gloria contacted me for advise on how to handle this. They wanted to put Sasha's dominance behind them once and for all.  At the same time they wanted to raise Toby to be the best dog he could be. After working out all the other kinks in the road and embracing the philosophy in raising Toby, they have reached all of their goals. I could not be prouder of them and their pack. This was long duration, day in and day out work. Big things happening along the way to complicate and create new challenges. They stayed the coarse, found some new ways of their own and conquered.
I got a text from Gloria the other day. She wants to certify Toby as a service dog and incorporate him into her practice. When I read that, I just beamed with joy. She asked if anything that she would be doing with Toby would change the dynamic that they had achieved with the pack. I knew the moment I had been waiting for since our very first visit was here. The moment that they had diligently practiced and work to achieve was here. The day that I could tell them that they had truly arrived at the finish line.  They were unconditionally the leaders of their pack and the dogs would accept any decisions or rules that they made, without behavioral upset. This is the prize at the end of the struggle!

Today, all dogs go to the office and interact with staff and patients. Gloria will certify Toby and the story will continue. The process of attaining true pack leadership had taken a while due to the changing dynamic of losing and gaining pack members. Filling the void of one so loved and lost, as well as bringing in another with issues of her own. Lets not forget to mention the original dominant struggle. Oh and a new puppy! This took commitment, diligence and a constant desire to reach the goal. With a lot of grace they have done it.
Daniel, I never wanted Maxie to stop going to the office. I felt it was needed to help you solve the problem at home. I am so glad you found your own way to accomplish both. You were right in the end to stick to your guns. I offer people tried and proven solutions to problems, but that does not make them the only way. You cared enough to persevere and find another way, I applaud you!! The dogs of the world need more of you! You both have traveled the journey and reached your destination with success. It has been my pleasure to have been able to join you in it. This almost 4 year effort comes with a well deserved Congratulations!

This is a story I would like to see repeated 5000 times. It is also a story that I don't get to write often enough. The wonderful thing about this one, is it is a Success Story for a lifetime.The beneficiaries of this Success will be Jim and Christine Brown of Indialantic and most importantly Whiskey. At a whopping 7 lbs, Whiskey is a Yorkie that is off to the best start possible. Jim and Christine contacted me not long after bringing Whiskey home and wanted guidance in making sure that Whiskey grew up balanced and remained that way through out his life. They knew that Yorkie's are at severe risk of being spoiled and falling to the symptoms seen with Small Dog Syndrome. They were not going to turn him into a neurotic barker, that is out of control on a regular basis. They wanted the calm balanced companion that can travel well and bring joy to their lives and in turn they bring joy and fulfillment to his.
I am so proud of how Jim and Christine took this information they learned in our education session and put it to work. We had many exchanges through texts and calls to answer questions and explain new things as they came up. Each time they went back to work with questions answered and furthered their progress with Whiskey. Commitment and execution of the plan has molded Whiskey into the dog they were hoping for and determined to have. They did not leave it to chance. They planned ahead and then executed that plan. I am firmly convinced this guy will have a charmed life. I am equally convinced that he will charm Jim and Christine's. For many years to come when they reach for a shot of whiskey, they will only get the GOOD STUFF.

Zoey Charlie and Finn
This is a story that comes with so many chapters. It carries many lessons, exposed many human emotions, covered a wide variety of behavioral issues and ended with a swagger that could not be ignored.

Viera resident, Jessica, contacted me in July 2014. She had adopted a new rescue into her home after the passing of Trevor, a beloved Westie. Jessica also had a Scottie (Zoey) in the home that was grieving as she was for their lost pal. The new guy was a chipper little Cocker/mix (Charlie) and at first all was good. Things began to go down hill quickly though as Zoey started growling and going after Charlie. After trying to get things under control, Zoey's behaviors escalating and not getting the result she wanted, Jessica contacted me for help.
We set up a meeting to evaluate the dogs, educate Jessica, and put together a plan to address the problems she was now having with Zoey. Coming out of that meeting, I felt good about their path going forward. Jessica needed to implement some new things into their daily routine and show a stronger leadership side of herself to convince Zoey that all was going to be Ok. Jessica executed the plan and with work, dedication and a short refresher three months later, she was able to integrate Charlie and the three were one big happy family. I was very impressed with Jessica, as she worked hard to overcome certain aspects of the way she interacted with both dogs. The dogs were good and owner happy so mission accomplished and no need for me anymore.
Time passes forward (3 years) with everyone happy and Jessica decided that a third dog was needed to round out her pack. Finn, a 7 month old Min Schnauzer was her choice and again introducing a new one was a problem. Zoey and Charlie were fine, proof of Jessica's hard work and great success with Zoey. The problem was the new guy ,Finn. Jessica asked me to evaluate Finn as we had Zoey, years before. We did and we found a very troubled little dog. Extreme anxiety with a lack of confidence in himself. Afraid of everything and everyone and so full of anxious energy that any stimulus would cause him to urinate or defecate right where he stood. His problems were past extreme to acute. We put together the plan and Jessica immediately started to put it in place. I left that day with a different feeling and I must say I was questioning Jessica's ability to handle this.  Finn was a tough case and challenging for anyone. Jessica worked and struggled and worked and struggled. She contacted me with questions and asked for further advice, as she moved forward. After weeks of work and nothing much to show for it, Jessica contacted the breeder in Arizona and the decision was made to return Finn.
Jessica made the arrangements and let me know of her decision. She was taking Finn to the airport in the morning for a return trip to the breeder. Jessica arrived at the terminal with a terrible feeling of " am I doing the right thing", and really questioning her decision. Well as fate would have it, a vital piece of paperwork was filled out incorrectly and Finn could not fly that day. It was as if the Universe had intervened. Jessica had the epiphany moment. She had been shown the way and instead of being upset at the trip to the airport for nothing, she was on the phone to me saying "whatever it takes". I am going to fix and keep him. No one can give you that moment, it has to come to you and you must seize it. Jessica did just that and has been relentless in her quest to fulfill her desire to bring Finn into balance. Frequent sessions with the focus on Finn, addressing his needs and Jessica increasing her experience and knowledge. We worked at her home and neighborhood, as well as many sessions at RRRe-Dog HQ. She has made personal sacrifice every day to achieve the incredible success she and Finn have achieved. Early mornings at the dog park, late nights at the dog park and focusing on all the little things everyday that make the difference. In approximately 90 days ,Jessica has achieved her goal. Finn will continue to improve but he is light years from where they started 3 months ago. The light is clearly visible at the end of the tunnel. Just before the Christmas Holiday, Jessica brought the pups out to play at RRRe-Dog HQ. When she approached the gate I had to stop and take a breath. I had to resist the urge to jump up and down and scream for joy. I had to put my hand to my mouth to stop the giant smile. I have seen it happen before and it is a magic moment. The switch moved into the on position and the swagger comes out. She had it all figured out and the confidence to execute it. I watched her bring her dogs in and the grin on her face. She knew she had it now and she knew I could see it. I will never forget that moment. Jessica, you do have that Pack Leader Swagger and all that goes with it. Your dogs clearly feel it and watching you with them now is a joy.

One of my suggestions for Jessica was to take Finn to Asherdell Farms for some sheep herding. Giving him a place to channel his energy and instincts. Jessica again challenged herself and Finn and went and took the 4 hour class. Finn was a natural and is going back for more.
Jessica, I can not tell you how proud I am to have been part of your effort. To work with a client so dedicated to her pal. I also have tremendous respect for your work ethic and your ability to challenge yourself and not stop till you have achieved the goal. I know that there are those who warned you against this. They thought it was too much for you to take on. They did it out of love and caring for you. To all of you, I understand why you care, Jessica is a wonderful person. I will tell you what I learned. Don't ever bet against her and don't ever be surprised at what she can make happen.  This was a tough year, you allowed me to finish it with a smile. I could not have received a better Christmas Gift.


Allen Dye 

Lani and Kona
In June of 2014 I received a call form Mike Malone. He and his wife Karen had just relocated from Hawaii. They had rescued a Shepherd/ mix from the Cocoa Shelter and were having problems getting her settled in. My evaluation showed a dog who was very stressed and symptoms ranged from Separation Anxiety (to the point of destroying window blinds and other items in the the house, to panic when placed in a kennel). She did not walk well on leash and reacted instantly to every noise or visual stimulus. She was also becoming protective of Karen. Based on what we found in our evaluation, Karen and I put together a plan of heavy exercise, structure, rules and different way of Karen interacting with Bella.

Karen immediately put the plan in place and began to execute it. Results came quickly and Bella thrived with Mike and Karen. All reports back were positive and showed me that Karen had really taken our talks to heart. Mike's work requires travel and so Bella and Karen became great pals as they kept each other company, while mike was away. I met with Mike, Karen and Bella again three months later and the results were incredible. Bella had responded to the very focused and well executed plan that we had laid out for her and Karen had implemented flawlessly.

I had the pleasure of caring for Bella on occasion over the last three years, when Karen would travel with Mike. She had transformed into the perfect dog and my wife and I loved when she would visit.
I got a call from them a few months back. They were moving to Germany, as Mike was taking a new job assignment and they worried about how Bella would respond to being in a kennel for 14 hours and going through the flight experience of a commercial airline. Very real concerns after her shaky beginning with them. We tested Bella in a flight simulator that I put together and she showed some problems with all of the terminal sounds and overhead speakers. We set up appointments two weeks apart and during those I would take Bella through the airport experience, as well as simulated flights. These sessions conditioned her to the experience and the nervousness disappeared. This photo is Bella standing in a dog park in Stuttgart. The word from Mike and Karen is, Bella came through like a champ and received praise from the shipping company for her great behavior. "She was really tired but 0 sign of trauma". The Malone's went to great efforts to keep this girl with them and gave her every chance for Success. You are awesome people and she is an awesome dog.
You belong together, Enjoy your Success!

Luna's is a great story. Every dog would love to have a story like hers. Her owner, beach side resident Laura Fadden is certainly the reason for it.

I met Laura years ago, through her business. She had even brought her dog out to Retriever Park where all of this began for me. After several years of no contact, I received an email from Laura about a Fiesty Siberian Husky that she had just brought into her home. Her other beloved pal had passed and it was time to share the journey with a new one. Luna was a handful and living in a home without a fenced yard made exercise difficult. Laura decided to work with me to help her gain more control and have a place to let Luna run the way she needed to. Laura is great with animals being an avid horse person as well. We moved forward through Laura's work with Luna and it was clear that she was dealing with a very willful wolfish little girl. This was not typical energy even for a young Husky. One day when working and while giving some advice Laura got frustrated with me and let me know that she had it from there on out. I had not recognized that most important time, the time to back off. Every coach and teacher must learn when to step back.

The two now working together without my input and Laura clearly stepping up as leader has produced one of the sweetest little Huskies I have had the pleasure of being around. What an incredible job you have done with Luna. She has been at camp with me here at RRRe-Dog for 4 days now and I can't say enough wonderful things about her. This is truly a dog making all the right decisions on her own. You have a sweet pal to enjoy the journey with again. The hard work shows.

They often say the best student
is the one who in the end becomes the teacher.

Thanks for the Reminder!

This handsome guy is a 3 year old Shepherd/Dane mix named Fritz. I met Fritz in March of 2014 shortly after he had been rescued. He was a year old and had the behavior of a child that had been chained to its bed or locked in it's room for the first year. Little or no social skills with dogs and a definite need to grab onto something or someone, that would ground him psychologically. He had been clearly neglected and was badly in need of the right kind of love.
That right kind of love came from Kathy and Bill of Melbourne. Not a lot of people are willing to take on a dog with the type of problems that Fritz came with and even fewer have the diligence and ability to do the daily work to rehabilitate him. This family follow my philosophy,  when you take a dog in, it's for life.  We knew that he was going to be a challenge, but I  felt how committed to him that they were. I traded correspondence with Bill and Kathy since we met for our session. The news was always upbeat and always gave the feel of continuing to move forward.

 August of 2016- Fritz visited RRRe-Dog Headquarters and the transformation is amazing. Kathy and Bill brought Fritz over for a fun morning of splashing in the pond and me being able to watch and observe the progress. Fritz is now the  perfect dog. He goes off leash on family outings and plays with the beautiful Standard Poodles from next door that he once wanted nothing to do with. That dog that would destroy furniture and lunge or bark at whatever he passed, is now calm and relaxed. The beloved family pet, free of issues. After our session this morning, I came in and pulled all my notes on Fritz. It gave me a real chance to reflect on the awesome change in the dog I saw and played with today. I also got to see the pride and love that the family has for Fritz. Equally I saw the love and respect that Fritz had for them. What a perfect end to a great story. If I have said it once, I have said it a million times.
The great Success Stories all have a common thread.
Humans that did not give up!!!!

Jake & Emmet

All success stories are great, but some are just a little sweeter, when you have been on the inside. This one really makes me smile! Titusville resident  and the owner of these two handsome Patterdale Terriers,  Donna, really took the message to heart. She is making short work of turning these two around and is clearly claiming the role of leader in her house. 

Donna and Jake had recently suffered the loss of their 16 year old Patterdale companion. Donna wanted Jake to have a playmate and partner so she immediately got Emmit. Things got off to a rocky start with the two and got so bad that they had to be separated at all times. Playing musical dogs, constantly shifting one or the other into another space, can become a challenge. The constant stress of what if they get loose and come together, is hard to cope with. Never having your whole family together in a peaceful moment, is down right torture. Such was the case for Donna, Emmit and Jake.

I got the call from Donna and we sat down and figured out what was going on between the two. We put together the plan and Donna has done a terrific job of executing it on a daily basis. Here is a recent e-mail.

Finally!! A photo of them together. The boy's are doing great. Jake has had a few little outbursts, but a small growl from Alpha Mom and it's all good. They are not exactly best friends yet, but each day they play and interact more and more. They were even hunting lizards together tonight. We are finally one big happy family. We can't thank you enough! 

Well Donna, I can not praise you enough. This success is all yours and the boys. I just bring the message, you made it happen.

Congratulations On A Job Well Done!! 


Pepe's story is a testament to what can happen when humans don't give up. Kathy and David of Palm Coast decided to intervene in the life of a young Cockapoo last September. Pepe had been rescued from a terrible hoarding situation in Jacksonville and was up for adoption. The family took Pepe home and began the process of rebuilding both his physical and mental health. Unlike most of our dogs, Pepe has a disability and is totally blind.  Having some issues with Pepe that the couple could not conquer, they contacted me and requested an evaluation and some help. We decided to initially work together by phone and messaging and the success has been awesome. Pepe had become spoiled and dominant and was showing signs leading to aggression.

After our conversations, Kathy and David stepped up big time for Pepe. The following is an excerpt from a letter that Kathy so kindly wrote to a young client of mine named Lexie. I hoped the comments would give her some inspiration. Lexie lives in the Tampa area and is working with me virtually as well.

"Along the way you may find the need to change the way you treat your dog. My big learning was that I could not treat him like a baby, giving him his way all the time. I am a strong person, but as a mother and grandmother, I found I focus on caring for others over myself. My failure to be self assured with him was actually causing problems. Once I learned that I had to give him structure and direction before reward, the relationship between Pepe and me had a complete turnaround, for the better. It was like one day it clicked for me and at that point, his behavior totally changed. Now I have a dog that is calm and can be trusted to be taken anywhere."

Pepe is doing so well

Pepe's story is not over as he prepares with his family for another big adventure. The family are going cruising on their boat for a few months. Pepe is in the process of learning how to navigate the boat safely, swim well and be confident in the water. Remember that Pepe is blind. Think you have issues to overcome with your dog? Take a lesson from Kathy and David, work with them and don't give up.

I can not tell you three how proud I am of you. You took a message from a phone and turned it into happiness for all. This success belongs to you, what a super job you have done. Above is a picture of Pepe with family member Karlie. Before the work, Pepe could not be trusted around the Grandkids!!


 I have said so many times before, that Success comes in many forms. The Weragoda family finds their success one day at a time. As a family they have worked and struggled to find that success for 18 months now. Their much loved family member Zarra a rescued Lab/Mix, was  showing some dominant behaviors and had bitten both children. Needless to say mother Beth and father Arjuna were more than concerned. They took steps to keep the children away from Zarra and called me in for an evaluation. Zarra's dominant mindset was clear to me from the moment we met. I also saw beyond that and could see a potentially wonderful family dog. After finishing my evaluation and discussing the issues with everyone, things were not looking good for Zarra remaining in the home. This fix was going to take a great deal of courage from everyone, to put in place. You see both children were bitten in the face!! Both times Zarra bit she was being hugged tightly by them. Daughter Briony and Son Dylan had both suffered and this could not happen again. After a nice long walk to a park and assisting Briony and Dylan with some leash skills, tensions were beginning to reach an acceptable level and they as a family began to see what I saw in Zarra. With the possibility of successfully rehabilitating Zarra in their minds, the family decided to take on this challenge. A long discussion on safety issues for the children and adults helped us to put together a plan for the family to follow. I had the opportunity to meet with the family yesterday at RRRe-Dog Headquarters. This time I had the pleasure of meeting  Gloria the childrens grandmother. She watched intently as I put Zarra through a series of challenges to see how she handled the stimulus. Zarra showed much improvement and this is a testament to the team work of the entire family. Clearly there is more work to do, but the Weragoda's have combined control and safety for the children, with the plan to rehabilitate Zarra. I am so proud of you all and blessed to be able to be a part of your Success Story. No matter how this one ends your success has come in your effort to take on the challenge every day. Zarra is lucky to have such a Special Family. Gloria, I know that you must be terribly concerned as well, but you must also be so proud!!!!!
Briony At Work Studying!!
 Here is a super success story!!
Avery is a 3 year old Boxer/mix and is the favorite to owners, Jennifer and Ryan
. The brother and sister share a home here in Brevard County and Avery is so lucky to have them as his leaders. When I first met them, there were some serious issues with Avery's behavior. He had killed a neighbors cat, bitten three humans, two dogs and had spent ten days in quarantine. The pair had been looking for answers and not included in them, was to send Avery to the shelter.  They both love Avery and wanted to work with him to overcome his problems and get answers to where he had gone off track. Jennifer got Avery as a puppy and was shattered by this turn of events, in his personality. Avery had also become very nervous and fearful of objects and people. He would tuck his tail and hide from any and everything. I remember the emotion in the room as if it were yesterday, as Jennifer began to tell me about this downward spiral that Avery had been on. After our first session we began to see immediate results. Avery was walking well on leash and was not shying away from, or going after people or things that in the past he would react to. The walks were good with both early, but then Avery would not do so well with Jennifer but was excellent with Ryan. A pattern of this doing better with Ryan, was becoming more and more obvious to the pair. Continuous communication and feedback kept me in the loop and abreast of Avery's progress. I guided them with advice and revisited the Trio to assess Avery's progress.
 Concentrating more on Jennifer now, we followed the pattern and connected it to bouts of anxiety that Jennifer has had to contend with from time to time, since she was a child. We clearly saw that when Jen's anxiety was in check, that Avery was much better. Jennifer tried some new approaches to her battle with the problem and as time went on it became apparent that she had to find her answer, to find Avery's. Meanwhile Ryan has stepping in and doing a lot of the heavy lifting with Avery's recovery. Ryan began taking Avery to sleep in his room on nights when Jennifer was more anxious. Ryan, I have to say is a remarkable guy! I recognized his insight and understanding of what I was attempting to teach on my first visit. It was easy to see that Ryan got it and in a big way. Interesting, as Ryan faces his own challenge with a learning disability. Well if he has one, give it to me. Ryan picked up the plan for Avery before I was finished giving it to them. Ryan also attends college and holds down a full time Job. Neither of this Brother sister pair knows the word quit. Oh, did I mention that Jennifer is a Brilliant NASA Engineer. Clearly a family of over achievers, this Duo put it all together and found the answer.
Looking to trade up Jennifer found a beautiful new home in a wonderful neighborhood. To reduce the stress of moving on Avery, Jennifer decided to send him to camp at RRRe-Dog. What has happened in the 8 weeks since then is amazing. I visited them in their new home last week and I walked away in tears and with a new level of appreciation for many things. Jennifer had not had any bouts of anxiety in that time and being in new surroundings, Avery was able to make a positive association in his new home. You see Avery is Hypersensitive to human energy or emotion and is very tuned into Jennifer and those around him. Avery we know now would clearly be a candidate to become a service dog for a human who suffered from Epileptic Seizures. Jennifer solving the anxiety issue and Ryan putting in his daily work with Avery helped him over the hump. All of the aggression and bad behavior was tied up in this.
Avery is now making dog and human friends with ease and the constant nervous and fearful state of mind is gone. As I was leaving the home and saying goodbye, I could not help but get emotional at the thought of what all these three had been through, to get here to this moment. I could not help it and began to tear up. I, the professional was lost in the moment. Avery began to pace with tail between his legs and ears down as he had been prone to before. Jennifer and I both looked at Avery and said oop's whats up with him now. Ryan leaned over and touched me on the shoulder and brought me back to reality. ALLEN IT'S YOUR EMOTION!!!!!! The student was now teaching the teacher, I loved it, it was perfect.

Time and time again I see this element in the toughest cases that are successful.


Duke is a very handsome and lucky guy. The handsome is obvious and the lucky comes from the wonderful family that he is a part of. Ten year old boy girl twins Alex and Wes have been key components in Dukes Rehabilitation. Walking, feeding, and helping to execute the plan, the two have stood older than their years in caring and understanding. The four year old Miniature Dachshund was suffering from acute separation anxiety, to the point of doing real physical harm to himself.
I did the evaluation and put the plan together, but the family executed it. They did a fantastic job of coming to terms with the reason for Duke's problems and then caring enough to put in the time and effort to fix it. You show me people who care enough to work at it and I will show you success. The word from the family is that Duke is now a different dog, no longer suffering. The family can leave without worrying about him while they are gone, and how he will be when they return. 

We at RRRe-Dog salute you Duke, as it is you who make the decision on how to behave each and every moment. Here is a quote from the Family!

"We all love Duke because he is a tough little guy, who loves his family immensely. He is caring and special, truly one of a kind. Duke is full of joy and and lots of happiness now. He is great with playing when we are bored. You see Duke took over as pack leader, after our Yellow Lab Jake passed away. He is such a small dog with such a big heart and he took on the responsibility of all of us. He is a wonderful part of our family"

We Love You Duke!!


Here is a very cool story about A Girl and Her Dog!!!
Finn was adopted from Fire Chick Rescue Dogs, a Merritt Island Based Group. His savior and adopter FIT Grad Student Chelsea, found Finn while searching for her first dog in late October of 2012. Chelsea had enjoyed family dogs in her young years, but Finn was her first choice as an adult on her own. At approximately four months old Finn settled in with Chelsea and room mate Jess.
Chelsea wanted the best for Finn and got him right into group obedience classes, where he earned his good citizenship award.
A few months after adopting Finn, Chelsea and Jess began to notice some things that did not seem right. Finn was beginning to show signs of Dog on Dog aggression. He would whine and cry incessantly and he would growl at Chelsea and Jess in the home. Now, their dog that had been a good citizen award winner, could not be taken on walks or to the store without incident. Living in an apartment just compounded the problems. It was a constant battle and Chelsea began to wonder if maybe she had made a bad decision in adopting Finn.
I got an email from Chelsea seeking guidance and help for her and Finn. Her concerns were real and her caring came through so clearly in her email. We set an appointment for an evaluation and some education, to find out where Finn's problems were coming from and to help Chelsea understand why he was behaving this way.
During that first appointment we were able to get to the root of Finn's problems and Chelsea and Jess knew that their interaction with Finn was going to need some changes to fix him. Well let me say that I have not seen a better and more diligent effort ever made by an owner, to rehabilitate and save their relationship with their dog. Chelsea worked hard to guide Finn and she and Jess got the job done. I would get emails with very specific questions that told me how hard they were working. Results came quickly because the effort was real and Finn began to blossom. Chelsea had tried to get Finn in the water on several occasions. Pool, beach, pond, it didn't matter, he was not going near it. Well on their first visit to RRRe-Dog Finn found the water for the first time and has never looked back. He loves the beach and swims and retrieves any chance he can. He goes to daycare once a week and plays happily with all the other dogs. He is wonderful on his walks and Chelsea is always beaming when guests tell her what a well behaved, happy and relaxed dog he is.
As with most successes, this came with caring, desire and hard work. I have watched and listened as you and Finn have evolved together. I am so happy for you and most of all proud to have worked with you. You two are an inspiration to all!!!
Dog owners with problems, here is the example to follow!!!!!!    

Cailyn and Riley
In doing the work that I do, success can come in many different ways. The wonderful young lady and handsome pup above provided me the opportunity to watch a very warm one.
Cailyn a bright an energetic 5 year old was having some behavioral issues with Riley, her one year old Terrier/mix. Mom and Dad called me in to see if I could determine the problem and help Cailyn to get control over Riley. Her disrespectful behavior was becoming a bit much and they feared that Cailyn would loose her affection for her pal.
Upon arrival, I had not even moved an inch in the driveway when Cailyn came out to great me. Riley is her dog and she was taking on the responsibility of greeting me out front and filling me in on Riley (with mom and dads approval of course). We got so into the conversation that Mom and Dad came out front, wondering why we were not in yet. I had a feeling right then that this was going to be one of those special visits.
We all went in side and got started with our work. Cailyn was attentive and politely seated on the couch, asking and answering questions about Riley's behavior. Mom and Dad filled me in on there observations and together we started to identify the source of Riley's problems and began to discuss the fix, as well as a lesson in DOG 101 for the family. Cailyn was occasionally figity and was up and moving around, but you could tell that she was still paying attention to the conversation.
We leashed up Riley after class was over and took her for a walk. Once I had Riley in the zone, I handed her off to Cailyn and the magic began to happen. The awkwardness of the new leash holding technique, was quickly mastered. With Riley responding to her lead, Cailyn began to show a confidence and the smile was easy to see. After a couple of perfect passes Riley began to act out. She was biting the leash, jumping at Cailyn and then mouthed her. The test was on and after the proper discipline, Cailyn went back to walking Riley, with a growing confidence. We finished up our meeting with clear signs that Riley was responding.
I got word the day after that Cailyn was eager to tell all the neighbors as she passed them on her walk, that she was walking her dog, as well as making sure that Mom and Dad did not forget to follow the new rules. The photo's were taken a couple of days after our meeting, so we can see that Cailyn has kept it going and is clearly becoming the leader. There are several successes here, none of which are mine. I only bring the message. The owner must follow through and make it happen. Cailyn, with the guidence of Mom and Dad is clearly making it happen. Great work for anyone, much less a 5 year old (WOW!). All you adults out there take a good look. We can all take a good lesson from this young lady. If you want it to happen, get to work and make it happen. Interest, Commitment!!!!!

There is always one common thread in the success stories of dogs that have really gotten out of balance and become impossible for their owners to handle. Someone who cared so much for the dog that they refused to listen to everyone around them. Someone who saw deeper into there Pal and refused to give up when, everyone else had. This Success Story is no different!

Karma, a gorgeous Newfoundland came to her owner Maria a rambunctious pup. She was powerful and dominant from day one. As a puppy she looked like a little bear and her behavior matched. As is most common, Maria thought that Karma would grow out of this, attributing it to puppy play of the breed. Most of us would have seen exactly the same thing. Well, when it came time to start the obedience training, the bad behavior did not stop. Maria having a shoulder injury, found it impossible to control her on her leash. She would raise up like a bear and maul you. The harder she became to handle, the more restricted she had to be. More than one experienced trainer worked with Karma, only to stop from lack of progress. This however was not a training issue and she continued to escalate. Karma became more powerful, now over 100 pounds, she began to use her size to dominate. She would launch upward when coming out of kennels, mouth forearms and intimidate, using her enormous size. Most everyone around Maria told her to give it up and find some place to take her. Maria Refused and in searching for help on line one day, found my website.

I met Karma and took her on our first walk, near the river in Sebastian. I came back sweaty and bleeding, she came back exhausted. It was a match made in heaven. Maria looked at me and said "I want her to be like a sweet little poodle". I accepted the challenge. I knew that day that Karma was fixable, she was calling out for help and I hoped Maria would give me a chance to give it to her. SHE DID and Karma and I began our work. It became clear very quickly what was at the root of Karma's problem. Once we identified the core issue, we went to work and began to see immediate results. The improvement continued and we saw that we could now guide her and that the dominance was weakening. WE are in Florida, not Newfie Habitat, if you will. We worked to get her in touch with her instinctual Newfie self. It was the answer to our prayers and rehabilitation began to pick up momentum. Maria enlisted the help of a young woman named Brittany to walk Karma and drain her energy, while taking control of her dominant outbursts. She did a great job. Brit and I shared notes and kept Karma on track by staying ahead of her, with good communication.

I got a picture from Karma's owner the other day. Karma was sitting beside her in the front seat of her Sports Car, enjoying a calm, comfortable cruise. Her text read. She is your Miracle Girl. That feels awfully good to hear, but the truth is she is our Miracle Girl!!!!  No matter what, YOU NEVER GAVE UP!!

Humans that did not give up!  Humans that Did not Give up!  Humans that did not give up!     

Sable & Oakley 

This Is a great story from my perspective!


Beach side resident Allyson and her "Yellow Lab Buddy Oakley" were leading an active lifestyle and clearly had forged a great relationship. Oakley is a big powerful boy but Allyson had established her leadership with him and had control.


The demands of Allysons job kept her busy during the day and she began to wonder if things would be better for Oakley, if he had a pal to hang with. On occassion Oakley had shown aggressive behavior twords other dogs and Allyson wanted to be sure the Pal she selected would get along with Oakley. Allyson decided to foster a rescue from the shelter and Sable was her Choice. As you can see from the photo above, She did not go small. Sable is a big powerful girl and every bit the physical presence of Oakley. A brave choice and time has proven it to be the perfect choice.

Allyson contacted me and wanted some assistance in assesing compatibility between the two and also to sharpen her handling skills. She was now going to be walking, running and playing with about 180 lbs of energetic dog, as well as wanting to be sure that they got along well while she was at work. She questioned her ability to handle both in a tough situation. This kind of forward thinking and the desire to be responsible and prepared speaks volumes about Allyson as a person. We could all only wish that everyone would follow this example.

Well many months have passed and the Trio are just as happy and well adjusted as can be. I had the pleasure of meeting with them a couple of weeks back and there visit to RRRe-Dog Headquarters was a delight. It is very clear that you have done a fantastic job with them, and I can not tell you how proud I am to say that I know and have worked with You, Sable and Oakly. Your desire to make it happen and your follow through in creating this fine result is an example for us all. Oh By the way. Allyson adopted Sable and she is now a permanent part of her family. 


I was called on to help another family in Allyson's neighborhood a while back. The family was having trouble controling the bad behavior of a Chi mix. I heard stories of a dark haired, attractive 20 something in the neighborhood who walked and controlled these two massive dogs with ease. The comment was I wish I could be like her. Guess who they were talking about. Thats right, It was Allyson!!! 

 Great Job!


This is a story of tremendous human compassion and animal resilience. Mary and Rio have taken a long journey together on the path to Rio's recovery. Rio is clearly the worst fear based case that I have ever worked with and Mary I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. Working with Rio has truly been a Highlight in my life.


Rio came to Mary through a breeder, and without going into detail lets just say he was not as advertised.  Mary did not want a puppy and Rio at four was more what she was looking for. Rio however when delivered was far less than ideal, as you could not even pick him up without him pooping and peeing all over himself. Rio was a very troubled little dog. He was afraid of everything and everyone and his problems were acute. The first time I met him in Mary's kitchen he ran under the table and laid down, rolled up in a ball and began shivering so hard I thought that he would shake some part of himself loose. I assessed Rio that day and found that much of his fear was based with humans but with other dogs as well. He also suffered from acute anxiety. I told Mary that we could fix him, but that it was going to take a big effort and not to be in a hurry, this was going to take a while. Mary had a choice to make, but little did I know she had already made it. Mary had already contacted the breeder and had made the decision that she would never return Rio to the place where these problems were created. Mary hired me that day and our work with Rio began.


After working with Rio over the coarse of about 5 months I contacted the breeder he came from. We talked at length and I got the story of what had happened with Rio and why he was the way he was. Rio had suffered two critical traumas is his early life and when the uneducated, immediate steps taken did not fix him, he was put in a kennel and given up on.  We figure it worked out to about 16 hours a day for almost three years he spent in that box, before Mary gave him hope.


I have been working with Rio for eighteen months now and have seen him travel light years in recovery. The first six months were very focused and repetitive and at times tried all of our patience, but we stayed the course and Rio blossomed in his confidence and coping skills. He started becoming social with the dogs in my pack and began to interact and play. After six months and we had him opened up to new things it was time to just let him work on his own, which he did. Rio visits once a week and spends a couple of days running the RRRe-Dog facility and playing with his old friends and making new ones. Rio still shows signs of shyness but he has traveled a long and successful road to normalcy. The photo above was taken at the six month mark. He is in a Lowes store in the lumber section with a fork lift running back and forth in the isle beside him. The look on this little guys face says it all. It was and is one of the most rewarding moments of my behavioral work.


Mary you are a saint for not returning him and extending yourself the way that you have to fix him. Rio you will always be my Main Man! 





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