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A true Testament To the Wonder that is Dog
Most folks don't go out of their way to help others. Thank goodness you aren't most folks. Thank you for all of your help with Lucy!         
Susan & Pete
When I sat down to watch TV, she went straight to her bed. Not one bark or cry. You are a genius. The Real dog whisper!!!
Thank You!
There are no words adequate enough to express what this training has accomplished in our home. That combined with the fence has brought such peace. Thank You for being all in with us & Aladdin.
I wanted to give you a quick update on how Lucille is doing. We took her to doggie daycare and she did wonderful. The staff said that she was shy at first but then warmed up.She ended up making two pals during her stay and spent the remainder of the day playing with those two dogs. The staff ended up saying they loved Lucille there. For me that is a total win, just having her play with other dogs. Thank You once again for all of your help! Your are amazing and we truly appreciate all that you do! She has made so many improvements in such a short time.
Mat and Julie 
I have seen Allen make the tough call. On our first encounter with him, he had evaluated a Weimaraner that had been adopted out to a family. The family brought the dog to him for an independent evaluation, based on his reputation and referral from their Vet. He determined that the dog was not a good match for the family. He determined that the dog on dog aggression was too much for the family to control and rehabilitate. Through written report he convinced us that he was correct and the dog was returned. I value his knowledge, expertise, ability to evaluate and understand behavior in our dogs and correct it. I can not think of anyone better suited to evaluate dog behavior for you.
Halo Rescue, Sebastian Florida
Hi Allen! Brandon had three friends sleep over last night and Sasha is doing well with all of them in the house. We just took this picture a few minutes ago. The last time Brandon had a sleep over Sasha bit one of his friends in the face, which is what prompted us to call you.
Thank You!! Love Ya!
Julie Albert

I trusted Allen's skills and assessments with my family's safety. If not for Mr. Dye's
abilities, skill and professionalism as an Animal Behavior Specialist the outcome of our rescue would have been disastrous. I have referred him to family, friends and clients.
Center for Life Enhancement
Dear Allen
Not sure if you remember me. I contacted you by phone, about a month ago, for advice on my newly adopted 9 year old corgi mix. She was aggressive in her approach to people, and other animals. She was growling, biting, including myself and my 10 year old Beagle.
Here is the follow up. I did everything that you told me to do without fail, every time she got unruly. Fast forward to today- It's truly a miracle and she is a different dog. My Beagle and she are even becoming friends. No more growling and biting and she is becoming so affectionate to me, with personality plus.
I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart, for the gift of your time and expertise that day and my furry ones say Woof!!

 Thank You so much for meeting with us yesterday! This is nothing short of miraculous. Sandy did not even try to get up on our bed last night and our walks are like night and day different. Just unbelievable!! We will keep working it hard, but so far its amazing!!
Regarding Franklin: Its like having a different dog. The contrast is amazing, thank You!

We have two young children and were waiting for the right time to begin that wonderful family journey of having the family dog.
I hired Allen to come to our home for the purpose of fixing behavioral problems in our new young Labrador Retriever. As a testament to Allen's work we brought home another puppy to be our first dogs buddy.
As a local business owner and professional I am cautious about referrals. I believe Allen to be very professional and skilled at what he does. He has my full confidence.
Burton Luxury Homes


I will call next week to update you. I will spread the word. You are a God Sent! Sincerely from my heart.
Bonnie & Mike
Thank You So much, for the first time in my life I answered the front door last night without a dog trying to push passed me. Also I was the bad a$$ mom, when a nine month old GSD pup came running towards us this morning. I felt so confident. That being said, what time are you available tomorrow?

You are like a Daddy to us!
Happy Dad's Day!!
Mikey and Maggie 

I was tough on all of you when it was needed. I could not be prouder of the results. Julie
, you deserve so much praise for how you stepped up. We have come a long, long way
Thanks for allowing me to be part of it.

The first month I had Finn his behavior was calm and happy, but at 5 months he suddenly showed acute fear and aggressive behaviors. I called Allen because he had been so helpful with another pup, Zoe a few years back.

When I contacted Allen, Finn was afraid of everything on our walks- garbage cans, yard waste on the sife of the road, trucks- parked or moving, loud noises, dogs and people. When faced with any of these challenges he would pull back hard on the leash, barked incessantly and would even lung in to bite. Finn Exhibited this same behavior at the dog park and on more than one occasion we would have to leave. He had bitten three people and was marking in the house 15-20 times per day. I was exhausted!

After a few months work with Allen and implementing his techniques, Finn is no longer afraid of all those things on our walks although he is still a bit people shy. I can relax entirely at the dog park and he is one of the better behaved dogs at the park. Marking occurs perhaps once every few days. I feel like I have my life back.

Finn still has problems with guests in the house, but I am certain that some time very soon he will overcome this issue and become a fully calm and confident dog. He now herds sheep!
Allen's techniques work. I can think of no higher praise.
Thank You Allen.

Thank You so much for all that you did for us. We would not be together without you.


Anna  F.I.T


Anna you deserve a testimonial. Your caring for Skipper took you past dog lover and you became the leader. Skipper is one lucky dog and I wish you and he the best life possible together. It was my pleasure to share part of the journey with you.


Sincerely Allen

Just wanted to show you this pic of the dogs in the truck today. We are going camping and Zoey is actually lying on Tuckers butt.

Thanks again for all that you have done for us!!!



Just thought that I would share a pic of my pack. There is five now , adopted a Pit Bull back in Oct.. I walk all five together, all because I was fortunate enough to get an appointment with you. Thanks Allen!


Jayme West Palm Beach

A recent move from New York left my German Shepherd Beau, very nervous, anxious and unsettled. He had always been a handful and we had seen numerous trainers in the past. Allen taught me to understand that this was not a Training Issue, but a Behavior Issue and how to properly address it. I was at my wits end and can not say THANK YOU enough for helping me and my Beau.

We Are Forever Grateful!!

As you can see, he can now be very patient and tolerant with my son TYLER!


" Teaching provides the opportunity to guide travelers as they navigate on their own brave journeys" Allen has taught us and guided us on our journey and we are so grateful.
I have used Mr. Dye's services on a number of occasions both personally and as a referral for patients and clients in my Veterinary Practice. I have found him to be professional and highly knowledgeable and effective in diagnosing and correcting various canine behavior issues.
Elizabeth M. Lane, D.V.M.

Hello Allen,
! Just wanted to give you an update and let you know that things are still going great. Went to the Vet yesterday and he never whined or was even the least bit nervous, both in the car and at the actual office. He seems so much more confident in himself.
We Are So Thankful!

I just had to tell you! We have been on a couple of walks today and I had to come home and cry, because I was so happy. Thank you so much!!!!!! I honestly can't believe my sweet Boy! I know we have more to learn but this has been a major difference. You've changed our life and Avery's forever!
Jen, Ryan and Avery

Tucker and sadie adjusting nicely. Sadie has free roam of the house now and is doing great. We get many people stopping to ask about both dogs. Thanks so much for finding them for us!!!
Mr. Dye has proven very effective with treating some of our worst case behavioral issues and consistently receives great accolades from our clients. We believe he has significant knowledge of canine behavior and is quite capable of assessing the needs of our canine patients.
Stephen W. Grigsby D.V.M.

Absolutely you should post to your site, definitely a success story!! He is behaving so well and loves to swim. He goes around and around making waves.The bigger the waves the happier he is!1

Wanted to let you know that I just brought Henry (my Doberman) home from the emergency hospital. Your training taught me that dogs need our patience. He swallowed a sock and it got caught in his intestines. I paid 3k for the surgery and he is alive. Thank You!! You made a difference in his life and I may not have made the same decision without your knowledge. What you do for people is amazing!

She is your Miracle Child!!! Everyone had given up on her. The people at the kennel couldn't believe it when I came in holding the leash with one hand, and she stayed in the car until I got out and called her.

I can say with full confidence that I am one of several veterinarians that have unqualified respect for Mr. Dye's work and he is a valuable asset to the pet owners of our community.
J.Jeffrey Slade D.V.M.



Thank You so much for taking such good care of "Our Baby" Bo! We appreciate your many kindnesses.

Irene & David

Hi Allen!
My name is Adam Stevens. I am an Associate Veterinarian at the Port St.John Veterinary Hospital. I saw Avery today and I could not believe his transformation. For the past few years Avery's struggles with fears and phobias has become increasingly difficult for his family. After Jennifer's time with you, he has made such incredible progress. I am happy to have a Behaviorist like you close by. I will be happy to send difficult cases your way.
Thank you so much, Avery is doing great!
Dr. Adam Stevens D.V.M

We couldn't have gotten Huxley back without you! We can't thank you enough! Great to work with you. You truly have a gift with dogs, its clear to see. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Thank You Again!
Huxley, Evan and Faith
Hi Allen
We are in West Virginia visiting my family and Oscar is loving every minute of it and being so good. He is lying here while we eat breakfast on the patio at the Hotel. He is meeting other dogs with no problems and loves everyone he meets! The seniors where my parents live love him, he just stands there loving all of the attention.
Thanks you so much for all you did ( and may still do) for us!

Dear Mr. Allen

Bobo and Sophie are doing so good. and they really like Halle. Also now when we walk them by a barking dog we use your technique and we stay calm and they don't even look at the other dog. When you left I went to the store and got a new leash like the one you used. Bobo really behaves well with it. I am getting the others tomorrow. As soon as it gets cooler I will call you for day camp. Thank you so much for your help. You are the best!! I told my friends at work and passed some cards and will cotinue to recomend you. Thanks again and God Bless.


This would have never happened before you! Thanks Again, Kris, Frank, Katie and our Girls!!!!!!

I was so impressed by his knowledge and results that I recommended him to patients with dog behavior problems. They have been as impressed as I. Mr. Dye is extremely knowledgeable in canine behavior, in that he correctly anticipates and predicts their actions. I have trusted his advice and have seen success.
Maria Hart D.
Doctor Oriental Medicine

I went to an event at "Brevard Yappy Hour" where I won a gift certificate for a one-on-one Behavioral Evaluation from Allen for my dog Abbey.

I am so glad this was the prize I won. I liked that he didn't use a quick fix approach like some other training programs, but really cares about educating for life long change to improve behavaior and mindset. Allen really helped me to understand Abbey, so that I could make day to day living better for her and myself. I began to notice changes in her right away, but the best part is that I have been able to maintain the changes with Allen's guidance and knowledge. Happy dog, Happy owner. Thanks Allen for everything, Your the best!

I was so impressed, not just with his knowledge, but his interaction with the animals. He has a natural instinct and the dogs know it. I trust Allen so much that I don't question his opinions or suggestion, he has my utter trust and faith, and has proven himself time and time again.
Gregg Eddie
East Coast Coordinator/Shelter Liaison
Golden Retriever Rescue/Mid Florida

Thank You so much for helping me to find my Buddy! I appreciate all of the help that you and Pooch provided. You are so awsome and I know without a doubt that if I didn't have you to help me, I would not have Buddy in my life.

Thank You SOOOOOOOO Much.


I trust Allen and his unique ability to get into a dogs psyche understand their mental state and the reasons for their behaviors both good and bad. I highly recommend him.
Bill Moon
Great Dane Love Central Florida
Thank you again for helping us with Mowgli. He continues to improve as we use the techniques you taught us. A notable incident happened recently when Nicole, Madison and Mowgli were on a walk. They stopped to greet a neighbor and his dog who bit Madison on the hand when she reached out to pet the dog. Mowgli did not react. What could have been a very bad situation was not a situation at all. Madison was fine it was just a scratch. Mowgli followed the cues from his leaders and remained calm.   Success!!          Michael
Just had to write and let you know, we had a breakthrough!!! It's now three weeks after your visit. My mom visited with her two dogs and all four boys were playing great together, in the yard and the house  all weekend. On our evening walks if Jake see's another dog, just a quick tug on the leash and he is a perfect gentleman. Jake now has the sparkle back in his eyes that has been missing for several month's.
We can't thank you enough!

Dear Allen

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for all of your dedication in the process of training Sherry. You are a wonderful trainer and above all a wonderful and caring person. Sherry misses " Uncle Allen", she has already expressed that. Take care and I wish you continued success with your exceptional endevors.


You have gone so far out of your way to help me in a time of need. I was desperate and your help and nurturing will alway be appreciated. I am thrilled that things have worked out so well for me and my little doggie friend. She makes my heart melt. You helped me mold her into such a wonderful little girl and I can never thank you enough.


Dear Allen ,


We can't tell you how happy we are with Ruby. What a change we have seen and in such a short time. The issues with the kids and visitors coming in have completely stopped. We have not had to replace anything she has chewed up either. It is such a relief. Thank you for teaching us about how to respond to her. Peace has been restored.      

                                                   Gin and Mike 


What luck it was when I found a Dog Behaviorist who had the patience to work with my dog. It was also wonderful to find a "Dog Whisperer" right here in this area. His name is Allen Dye. He and his dogs helped Rio to become like a normal dog.  He seems to work with most any problem a dog might have. Hopefully he can fix your dog too.      


Well we are here in our new home and everyone is settled in, including Rugby. The trip was fun we even stopped at a Dog Park, with no problems. The kids are so happy we kept him and I have to say so are we. Your sessions in our home convinced us to try and we are all so happy we did. Rugby is even making friends in the neighborhood. We never thought that would happen. Thanks for everything you taught us. Especially not to give up on him.

                                                                                 Mark and Tina

Julee came to us with several issues. Dog-On-Dog Aggression, Fear and Anxiety  when in the presence of strange older men. Fear of Water (swimming) and a general lack of confidence in herself .  After  a few months of meeting once a week for an hour and some dedicated work from her owners, Julee has overcome these issues. She loved hanging out with my dogs and spent several days with us , while her owners were off getting Married. She played with new dogs and lived  with ours in complete harmony.  She learned to negotiate obstacles with confidence, swim like a retriever and accompanied me on many outings, where she encountered new dogs , older men and  new and varied life experiences. You took on and conquered every challenge we gave you Julee. I can not tell you how happy I am for you and how proud I am of you. This is my Testimonial to you. YOU ARE THE GREATEST!



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